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  We are a Vodafone Platinum Partner which allows us to provide great value business mobile contracts and phone deals. Whether you require single user deals or 20,000 connections we can offer a contract to meet your requirements.  
  Business Mobiles 
  Being a Vodafone Platinum Partner allows us to provide excellent value business mobile phone deals and business mobile contracts. Whether you require single user deals or 20,000 business connections we can offer a solution to meet your needs.  
  CXC Story   
  We are Commsxchange, a Vodafone Platinum Partner and winner of Vodafone Total Communications Partner of the Year 2014

As an award winning Vodafone Platinum Partner we have proven ourselves to be a market leader in the business mobiles industry. We specialise in business mobile contracts and business mobile phone deals and provide an excellent after sales service solution. Being a Vodafone Strategic Partner gives our customers the benefit and trust of signing with the network direct, plus the award winning CommsXchange wrap around after service... The best of both worlds.

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  Vodafone One Net  
  First there was fixed line communications... Then came business mobile telephony... Each technology has run separate and along side each other for almost 30 years. It was inevitable that communications and business mobile contracts would unify and come together under a complete centralised solution.

Although there are other solutions in the market that claim to offer a unified solution, Vodafone are the only communications specialist to provide a true unified solution hosted from a central IP core network.

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  With more and more people using devices for work and personal use, businesses are open to increased security risks. This is why so many businesses trust Vodafone Secure Device Manager.

It gives you security and management for a range of devices, including the iPad. You can get secure access to your employees' smartphones and tablets, and update security settings over the air. You can even improve productivity with tools that make it easy to monitor your workforce.

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  Fixed Line & Data   
  As a complete communications solutions provider we need to be able to offer the whole shooting match, so to compliment the mobile services we offer we have worked hard to create a simple and straight forward fixed line offering.

Our fixed line communication solutions have the same extremely high level of service and support that our mobile customers have come accustom to. 

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  Handsets, Tablets & OS   
  At Commsxchange we provide technology and equipment that best match our customers requirements, we supply all of the major manufacturers at trade prices to our business mobile phone deals customers including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, HTC plus many more.

We also provide trial devices to test before you decide which handset and OS to utilise for for your business mobile phone contract, please speak to us today to discuss options.

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  MS Office 365   
  Office 365 helps you and your staff work together more effectively – at home, in the office or on the move. And it’s ideal for businesses with 5-250 employees.

Office 365 is a hosted, cloud-based IT solution. It combines Microsoft's latest Office software and a suite of communication tools with Vodafone's telephony and connectivity services. And it also lets you use familiar Microsoft Office applications on your smartphones, PCs & tablets.

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  Better Ways of Working   
  Thanks to business mobile contracts and technology, we can all work with more flexibility - where and when we want. For many, it means not having to travel into the office each day. This can have a positive impact on energy use and travel costs, and it helps many companies reduce office space. And, of course, it’s easier to balance working and home lives if we can work in a way that suits us.

Our products and services can transform your business or organisation by helping you find better ways of working.

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  News & Social   
  We are passionate about the industry we work within and make it our business to keep up to date and in the know with what's going on, this page is a central point for all of the channels we keep updated to share the information we gather and collate.

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  There is no better feeling that being recommended and receiving a referral or a customer case study, it highlights the level of business mobile service we provide but is also an indication of a strong relationship and level of trust.

Referrals are just an extra incentive to push us to deliver, we value referrals greatly and so we have put a rewards scheme in place to show our gratitude.

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  The Network - Vodafone   
  Vodafone was responsible for the UK's first mobile call, just after midnight on 1 January 1985. Within 15 years, they were the largest company in Europe – and the largest of their kind anywhere in the world.

Theirs is a story of investment, innovation and award-winning customer service, there is no other network that invests in their infrastructure as much as Vodafone (£900m pa).

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  The CXC Way (Support)   
  We believe service is the key factor in customer happiness and retention, it is for that reason we have placed major emphasis on this as a company.

We decided to create an in-house system called Centre Point which allows our customers and staff to work together at one location (Centre Point) to resolve any issues that may crop up. Our customers can phone or use our online system to log faults, add data bolt-ons, see network issues etc.

Our customers are alerted every step of the way with our Centre Point system, you are even emailed a job timescale SLA when your issue has been logged.

You're in safe hands with CommsXchange, click the box on the right for full details. 

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